The Celebrated Amoskeag Fishways Says THANK YOU!!

On March 8th the year-round riverside environmental education center that we know and love as the Amoskeag Fishways closed.

We have had an amazing run as partners, science interpreters, educators and creators of meaningful programs and exhibits that "Celebrate the Magic of the Merrimack". Since we began teaching in 1991 and became a partnership in 1995, we have had 660,000 visitors and 180,000 program participants! 5,350 school programs were taught reaching 127,000 Manchester area school children! It was EPIC! We are so grateful to all of our original partners -- PSNH (Eversource), NH Audubon, US Fish and Wildlife and NH Fish and Game, and especially to our colleagues at NH Audubon. To past and present Fishways staff members, we truly made a difference, every day, for the city of Manchester, for river wildlife, for our urban wildlife classrooms and for the unique diadromous fish migration that occurs at Amoskeag every spring. As a student once wrote to us in a thank you note after we taught urban wildlife for his class, "If the only way to save the earth was to eat broccoli, he would" so get out there and eat broccoli!

Please continue to visit the fish ladder each spring, continue to care for each other and our beautiful world, and continue to support conservation and science education in New Hampshire and beyond.

Thank you all.

Call the Amoskeag Fishways Center at 624-0777 or 624-0780 for new information regarding visitor's hours, daily schedule and dates for Fish Season 2019 after March 11, 2019.

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